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Kings Hill 2013

Kings Hill 2013
Thursday, 21 February 2013
Group Admins:
Join this group if you are playing at Kings Hill. See who else is playing in your region - start a topic or organise a practice round meetup!
Sunday, 26 May 2013 by TT Editor
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Champion of Lancashire

Trilby Tour 2013 Lancashire Champion Richard Chisholm

Champion of Nott'shire

Trilby Tour 2013 Nottinghamshire Champion Ben Rozenbroek

Trilby Two's Champions 2013

Trilby Two's Champions Ricky Sutter and George Crow

Champion of Yorkshire

Trilby Tour 2013 Yorkshire Champion Paul York

Champion of Hertfordshire

Trilby Tour 2013 Hertfordshire Champion Paul York

Matchplay Singles Champion 2013

Trilby Matchplay 2013 Singles Champion - Darrel Cross

Champion of Cornwall

Trilby Tour 2013 Cornwall Champion Richard Ackland

Champion of Norfolk

Trilby Tour 2013 Norfolk Champion Chris Crowe

Matchplay Pairs Champions 2013


Champion of Wales

Trilby Tour 2013 Wales Champion Aaron Stuttard

Champion of Kent

Trilby Tour 2013 Kent Champion Simon Hudd

Trilby Tour Amateur Champion 2013

Trilby Tour 2013 International Grand Champion: Seb Carmichael-Brown